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2000 Fort Bragg Rd, Suite 5
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 977- 9119
Maria Green
"John has been teaching my sons Brian and Dewain for about 3 years. we started with him on Fort Bragg and followed him to his new office and he has taught my boys so much. He is patient and understands the differences of the two but works so well with both of them. He has been a blessing to our family. He has taught Dewain so much not only guitar but confidence in his voice that wasn't there before."
Melanie Frees
"My son started taking lessons a few months ago and I am very pleased with his progress. John's encouraging teaching methods and introducing fun songs make a huge difference to spark interest and get better at playing his guitar. Seeing my son accelerate and gaining confidence is amazing! Thank you so much!"
Seanda B.
"My son is 13 years old and has been taking lessons from John for about a year and he has learned so much in such little time. John is an amazing teacher, very patient, kind, and always in a good mood. I am very pleased with my son's advancement and with John's techniques."
What John's students are saying...
Maggie O'Toole
"John has been teaching my grand child for 5 years. He is patient, kind and a true musical talent. He has great knowledge of musical history. He not only gives children a awesome music lesson,his conversations often turn to anecdote which offer learning about Roman or Russian history. During the years which he has taught my grand child,she has excelled with her instrument as well as her theory. John is a wonderful addition to the Fayetteville arts community. Thank you, John!"
"John has been teaching my daughter, Faith, for about a year. He teaches her songs that she is interested in. She has learned a lot form John musically. He is a great teacher and phenomenal musician."
Nara Ebel
"My 7 year old son has been taking lessons with John for over a year now. It is amazing to see how how my son has grown on guitar! He went from knowing nothing to being able to read and play. He absolutely loves his lessons. John has more patience than most, always listening to his thoughts and gently re-directing him when he becomes distracted. John definitely has a gift for teaching children."
Logan Cushman
"I've been learning how to play guitar with John for almost a year and I absolutely love it! He keeps me inspired to keep playing and to make myself better everyday. He's a really awesome guy and we have an awesome time playing together. I can really say that not only am I learning an instrument but I've also made a really cool friend."
Ruth Cahen
"Thanks for so many inspiring lessons, John! Your new studio is a great atmosphere for our whole family. Chris is new to guitar this year and is eager to practice and learn new technique because of the relationship you have developed with him. You make learning a joy by giving him pieces he can master. He prioritizes guitar above other activities because of your time and effort. We are thankful for your interest in teaching. We have all benefited from his delight!"
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